Progressive Delivery

Pay +15% to the total order cost and enjoy the service of progressive delivery where you will receive your long and complex papers in parts (drafts). If you order a 20+ pages double-spaced paper or a 10+ pages single-spaced paper, this service is just for you – you will be able to monitor the writing process and be assured that your paper is not written overnight.


  1. Only top-rated writers and expert editors will be assigned to work on your order.
  2. You will be able to send feedbacks and comments to each part of the paper the writer provides prior to the final deadline.
  3. You will get help from a personal manager who will carefully control the process of paper writing and completion and ensure there is effective communication between the customer and the assigned writer.
  4. Instead of the usual 2 days of free revision application, you will get the whole 30 days to be able to send free revision requests.

When You Will Receive Drafts:

  1. If you provide at least 12 days (and more) for the writer to complete your paper, you will receive three drafts within the deadline limit:
    • 1st draft will be sent to you after 25% of the deadline expires. It contains 25% of the paper content.
    • 2nd draft will be sent after 50% of the deadline terminates and it will comprise of 50% of the total word count limit.
    • 3rd draft will be sent after 75% of the deadline expires and it will contain 75% of the total paper volume.
  2. Should you provide the deadline within the limit of 5-11 days, you will receive 2 drafts: after 25% and after 50% of the deadline termination respectively. As in the case above, the first draft will have 25% of the paper written and the second – 50%.
  3. If you give 4 days or even less to write your paper, you will receive only one draft of 25% of the total paper volume that will be sent to you after 50% of the deadline limit.

*If the customer wants to receive drafts in some other way (for example, change the frequency of receiving them or make some adjustments regarding the number of drafts received), it is recommended to contact a personal manager and discuss this issue.

Supplementary Services for Short Papers (under 20 Pages)

1. Draft
You will receive either a 300-word draft or a 600-word draft depending on whether you have ordered a double-spaced or a single-spaced paper. You will get the draft after 50% of the deadline termination.
2. Summary
This service will enable you to get a one-page brief summation of the paper, where the main points will be accentuated. In case you need to present your paper during some speech, this service will be just the thing.
3. Extended Revision
Two days of free revision are too little to get a high-quality paper. Pay more and get an extended revision option, where you can send revision applications during 14 days after deadline expiration.