Learn How to Write a Marketing Essay with Our 5 Tips

Before developing an understanding how to write a marketing essay, you should first know what marketing strategy stands for. An excellent marketing strategy consists of many elements that contribute to financial profit and numerous marketing advantages. The answer to a question “how to write a marketing essay” starts with the following statement: decide what elements are crucial in terms of sustaining the thesis statement that you have selected. When you have decided upon this matter, you should proceed to find relevant sources of information and the actual process of writing an essay itself.

It’s important to remember that working on a marketing essay and on any other kind of essay means more than just putting your ideas and words on paper. In order to put your idea across in a cohesive, convincing and clear manner, which will make people understand and agree with your opinions, you should have good writing skills and knowledge of the subject that you’re working on.

Let’s take a look at the process of writing a marketing essay through the lens of five tips given below:

1 Complete the preparatory stage

The preparatory stage consists of understanding the framework, choosing the sources and working on the thesis statement and arguments. Just like in any other field of science, it’s necessary to understand the frameworks which were developed by the marketing experts during the years and decades of their research in order to make a good contribution to the subject that you have selected. As a future marketing specialist, you need to study companies & their products and services and their place on the market and only then come up with certain business tactics and market advantage advice. From that point, you can choose marketing theories developed by Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, and other outstanding marketing masterminds to address the issues that your paper deals with. Next step is to find your sources – the list of books, magazines, studies and other materials relevant to your research. Remember that in choosing sources quality is much better than quantity, which means that it’s always better to have a shorter list of relevant and reliable sources, then a longer list with sources that aren’t relevant to the topic that you’re researching.

Another important thing about sources is that you should focus on the most recent editions. As for variety and diversity of sources – strive to keep the balance between articles from magazines and websites and reputable academic works. In order to make a good impression, a marketing essay should have at least ten sources. Once you have selected the sources, you can proceed to writing a thesis statement and arguments. Writing an outline is a very important stage because it’s like a blueprint of your paper that will help you to complete marketing essay better and faster. Choosing good examples and data to support your argument plays a huge role in the quality of your essay, while your ability to choose good examples heavily depends on the quality of your sources.

2 Work on the main parts of your essay

The potential benefits of discovery that you made in your research will be interesting both for business people and the readers of your essay, provided they’re decent. For this reason, it’s a good idea to summarize your topic and how it will benefit the marketing environment in the beginning of your essay. Not just to grab the attention of your readers, but most importantly to show the strength and relevance of your findings. When you’re finished with the introduction, you can go on to the body of work where you should discuss the chosen arguments and present them coherently and logically. Your outline will be of use here because you can take the ideas expressed there and expand them with more details, examples, statistics, and data.

In the body of work, it is necessary to make sure that your readers don’t have any questions or unclear fragments left. People who read your paper should be satisfied and convinced by your reasoning by the time they reach conclusions. In turn, conclusions should only strengthen a good impression about your work and make your arguments even more solid. Consider your work as a case study that businesses can use to improve their results by following the recommendations that you have given in your research.

3 Revise your paper

Remember this simple rule – if you haven’t completed the revision stage, you haven’t completed your paper. It’s so important that your marketing essay can’t be considered completed if you haven’t revised it. When revising your paper you can find out that you have forgotten to discuss some important ideas or the flow of your paper is not that smooth, or that the structure of your essay needs improvement or you may identify other important omissions that you may have made. When writing an essay, the more time you spend analyzing it, the more chances you have to turn it into a really great piece of writing. So, when you’re planning the work on your essay, make sure to leave at least one day for revision.

4 Editing your paper

Editing supplements revision but it deals with the language use, while revisions deal with the quality of the information itself. It is recommended to always use spell-checkers to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. If you have time to check your paper in a more detailed way it is advised to lead your paper out loud.

5 Format your paper

The last thing that you should do is to format your paper in accordance with the requirements of your department or professor. Unfortunately, a lot of students get their marks decreased just because they haven’t paid enough attention to formatting.

Follow these five steps when writing an essay on marketing and you are bound to produce high-quality paper.