What Are Controversial Essay Topics?

In general, it isn't easy to write an easy, so you can only imagine how hard it can be to choose those that are related to controversial issues. An essay writer needs to find an issue that evokes passionate emotions, pick a side, and find strong arguments to support it, based on thorough research and the ability to be persuasive. While it is necessary to hold strong personal beliefs when writing a controversial essay, it is important not to become clouded or blinded by them. The paper still needs to be founded in balanced reason, proof, and common sense. Also, you need to think about the composition of your audience ahead of time because age and gender can make an impact. For this reason, there are certain topics to avoid. For example, you probably wouldn't want to argue for the benefits of discrimination if your audience is made up of minorities. There are plenty of issues related to education, sex, politics, or social beliefs that can be productive and information if you know how to find them. But all of this can be a difficult task, even for the highest achievers.

Having a hard time choosing controversial topics for essays?

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  • Violence aside, can street gangs provide a benefit?
  • Are there times when free speech should be banned?
  • Are professional athletes worth the money?
  • Should gay marriage be permitted?
  • Should there be an age limit for children's beauty pageants?
  • Should concussions mean the end of football?
  • Is it possible to be evil and a genius at the same time?
  • Should there be a single payer option for health care?
  • Is Global Warming caused by big business?
  • Did George W. Bush really win the 2000 presidential elections?
  • Should violent video games be banned?
  • Are rich people taxed too much?
  • Should an element of dishonesty be required to be a good politician?