After taking the "The Real Age Test", I have discovered that there are some of my habits that are healthy and yet some are not healthy. While in reality I am 23 years old, I tend to look like I am 26 years old which is not a pleasant thing. In this essay, I share some of the behaviors that have contributed to the fact that I look older than I really am. I will start by stating some of my unhealthy habits before mentioning some positive aspects of my lifestyle. I will then embark on stating remedies for these unhealthy habits, while mentioning some consequences that I may have to deal with in the event that I fail to change my lifestyle (Real Age Test)

Unhealthy Behaviors

One of the unhealthy behaviors that have severely impacted on my health is the fact that I smoke. Tobacco smoke contains a mixture of thousands of chemicals which are in the form of gases. Some cigarettes contain both particles and gases. When one inhales the smoke that comes from cigarettes, hundreds of substances that are harmful enter lungs of the smoker before through the smoker's body. These chemicals could reach the brain of the smoker, as well as other vital organs (Powers 53).

Smoking is the main reason why I tend to look older than I actually am. I already have wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. This fact could be attributed to the fact that I smoke. Research has also proven that women who smoke have been known to reach menopause much earlier than their counterparts who do not smoke. Research has also shown that those who smoked in the past also reach menopause sooner. This, researchers argue, it is because smoking has been known to reduce the amount of estrogen in a woman's body. A woman who smokes is also more likely to develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis results in the weakening of bones which results in ageing.

The other habit that I need to quit is an unhealthyeating. I sometimes eat a bag of potato chips while lying on the sofa and watching TV. This has over years developed into a habit. I sometimes skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I have made a habit out of skipping it. Sometimes I have to rush for school in the morning and I often end up neglecting breakfast. This means that I always end up feeling tired all through the day and snacking several times. Skipping breakfast has only succeeded at disrupting my metabolism which has caused me to burn fewer calories.

Other unhealthy eating habits that I have picked up over years include binging or eating large amounts of food at once. Sometimes when I intend to skip a meal at some point, I end up eating too much food during one sitting as a way of compensating. I also sometimes eat as a result of my emotions. Emotional or stress eating is also another unhealthy habit that I should avoid. There are times when I am driven by particular emotions to eat even though I may not be hungry. I particularly like to munch on candy bars when I am stressed about work that has to be done within a given deadline. I am an emotional eater who reaches for junk food that is unhealthy in order to cope with my emotions.

Healthy Habits

I also happen to have some healthy living habits, among them, keeping healthy and fit. I have been able to develop a habit of effective exercise. I have not stopped exercising and still spend the little time running or doing sit-ups when at home. I realized that my body is made up of about 610 muscles. This means that regularly exercise throughout one's life is necessary. I have maintained a habit of moving and articulating all joint in my body, each day. This has kept my muscles and joints very agile and flexible. Exercising regularly has helped ensure that I have better mobility and balance. This has protected me from the likelihood of both muscle and joint problems and pains (Mayfield 26).

I have the habit of exercising for at least 200 minutes every week. Sometimes when I don't have the time to go jogging, I usually go for walks. These walks often last 30 minutes per day, although they sometimes longer. I also have a bicycle that I ride whenever I can. Sometimes I go to the gym and work out on a treadmill. Swimming, jogging or doing aerobic exercises dramatically improved my levels of health and energy. The next habit that has helped me an all-around health is the habit of resting properly. I usually sleep for between seven to eight hours each night.

Breaking Bad Habits

I should stop eating unhealthy foods and begin to take more fruits and vegetables. Eating fatty foods alone may lead to heart disease, among other diseases. The science behind health benefits of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is increasing each day. There is no denying research that has shown beyond doubt that taking a lot of fruits and vegetables prevent and sometimes reverse the disease. It is not possible to replace the health giving phytonutrients that are present in one fruit or vegetable using Nutritional supplements. I ought to start taking between 5 and 9 serves each day.

I realize that most of my habits have become habitual. I have realized that I tend to do the same things that I have been doing all my life. These habits, whether good or bad are ones that make me who I am. I have, therefore, made a decision to control these habits. Once I know exactly how to change my habits, then even the least of an effort will be able to create very big changes.

I will then be able to use these techniques for several years to come as a way of re-engineering various aspects of my life. I will have to overhaul my diet, exercise more regularly. I may not be able to do away with television entirely, but I will cut down on the amount of time I spend watching TV. I will also resist the urge to bulk my e-mail and alter my work routines. I believe these little changes, if put on auto-pilot; will certainly result in an improved quality of life for me and those people around me.

Quitting smoking is probably going to be the hardest, because I have been a lifetime pack-a-day smoker. I have to admit that quitting will be tough. However, I also realize that what I need is a proper game plan that is tailored to my needs (Chenoweth 69). I will be able to replace my smoking habits. The right game plan will also allow me to manage my cravings and join millions of people who have been able to kick this bad habit for good.

Research has shown that smoking tobacco is not only a psychological habit, but also an addiction that is physical in nature. The habit of smoking is one that has become ingrained daily ritual that I have to undertake. Researchers have also stated that the nicotine that is in cigarettes provides a relief that is temporary, but very addictive. An attempt to eliminate the regular fix that I have been receiving from nicotine will probably cause my body to experience a number of physical withdrawal symptoms and serious cravings. In order for me to successfully quit smoking, I will have to address not only the habit of smoking, but also the addiction. This I will be able to achieve by altering my habits and dealing with withdrawal symptoms that come from nicotine addiction (Chenoweth 28).

I will have to learn to manage unpleasant stressful situations I may feel depressed, lonely and fearful or anxious. These are some of most common reasons why I would want to quit smoking in the first place. Sometimes, when I have had a bad day, cigarettes seem like my only friend. Cigarettes tend to provide temporary relief from such discomforts. I have come to realize that there are healthier ways that are effective in keeping these unpleasant feelings in check. Such methods include but are not limited to practicing simple breathing exercises, exercising and meditating.

As for my eating habits, I will need to slow down. Research has shown that people who eat faster end up consuming more calories. This is because when I eat fast my brain does not have the chance to realize that the stomach is full. I will replace my finger foods that I eat quickly with food from a plate that is healthy. I will go for salad which is a great choice because the majority of food taken fills me without piling up calories or clogging my arteries. It is also important that I drink water during all my meals.

I have examined and discovered that I am a social and an emotional eater. I have, therefore, made a decision that instead of eating my troubles away, I will confront issues that are really bothering me. I will find ways of distracting myself from my bad moods. These ways of distracting me will have to be through participating in activities that are non-food. I will, for example, take a walk or take up a hobby. I was fed a lot of junk food as a baby which has led me to seek it out when I am stressed. I am aware of this and I will consider options that are healthier.

I have decided not to be a social eater which has been my habit for some time. In the future, I will try not to host any parties that revolve around food as this will only provide an avenue for over eating. I will plan get-togethers that focus on a particular activity. Such activities could include a game night or a pool party.


I realize that I will have to be very committed. It takes more than three weeks to break a bad habit. For many people, it is a very difficult process. It will be important to override bad eating habits that have formed over years with some positive replacements. I will replace a bag of salty chips with some healthy snacks. Foods such as pretzels or air-popped popcorn are not good for a person's health. Instead of eating a bowl of ice cream, I will take a frozen yogurt. This will allow me to live a healthier lifestyle and look younger than I do now. I believe that a healthy lifestyle will allow me to be more productive and save money that I would otherwise spend on medication costs.