Nicolas Poussin is one of the few well known artists among art collectors. His artworks have made a significant score across generations. My focus in this paper is on one of his famous painting the, the Triumph of Bacchus a classic masterpiece that he worked on back in between 1635 and 1636. From the titles, The Triumph of Bacchus means the successful battle of the Bacchus. Nicolas Pousin was a famous artist who existed between 1694 and 1650. He painted numerous meticulous portraits, but the portrait that stood out was the Triumph of Bacchus of 1907. The Triumph of Bacchus is an oil painting depicting a group of scantily dressed soldiers and a king on the caravan probably on combat. This painting saw an initiation of cubism in the 16th century. It portrays a battle between two battling sides. While many may brush off this art work branding it as inferior or unskilled art, the moment you look at this painting, a feeling of curiosity is provoked from within. Nicolas Poussin's Triumph of Bacchus remains extraordinary as it portrays a group of soldiers on horses fighting effortlessly to overcome their enemy. Nicolas Poussin's artwork enables the audience, not only to value and understand his paintings, but at the same time, see right through it. Several art analysts hold diverse opinions and interpretations of the painting because they viewed it from different perspectives. A number of blemishes on the master piece received several perceptions and this is evidence that Poussin meticulously applied cubism to make an incredible step on the 16th century art.

Several artists understand that, a painting can speak a thousand words. In most cases there are thousands beneath the lines and shades that no ordinary eye can see and interpret. The Triumph of Bacchus may appear as usual artwork men sitting on the carriage and other chanting around half naked. Well, the truth is, seeing images on the surface elicit curiosity enabling us to look at it insightfully in what our minds can visualize. People may look at this master piece at different angles but the fact remains, the triumph of Bacchus, is attached to significant meanings. It may portray the bravado of the Bacchus soldiers. Examining the painting in depth opens our eyes to visualize different meanings in the painting from different perspectives. Picasso has enabled us to appreciate the more crucial issues that can be portrayed skillfully through an outstanding art work. Legend has it that of all his paintings this particular one took him quite some time. Early winter of 1906-07, he gathered different ideas to come up with a piece that closely looked like Leonardo Da Vinci thereafter eventually painting an 8feet canvas in the early summer.

Owing to the triumph of Bacchus, the perspective of realism was changed significantly as it would be by the modern day Albert Einstein. Looking at the painting, it is evident that the piece exhibits a backward-looking, unauthentic art piece, a repeat of the 14th and 15th century clich├ęs depicting men as brave individuals. I would like to pose this question to you, what is so deeply-seated on the triumph of Bacchus? A depiction of soldiers on combat, a child crawling and some defeated combatants lying defeated on the ground. On the left hand side, is one in a fleshy brown wooden simula crum face; at the rear are two on African mask, one encroaching from behind a rugged cloth as the other squats amid diamond shaped cloths. Placed on a plate are intricately symbolized collection of fruits; testicular grapes, a sliced blade like watermelon a pear and an apple. Characteristically, while it depicts nudity, there is little utilization of body curves as elbows are as sharp as knives and regular shaped waist and hips, breast are outlined using triangular shapes.

After rear examination of the painting, one will notice that the outline seems to be squarely shaped, while in reality, the height is much wider compared to its width, thus shifting your attention to space and symmetrical balance. Relatively, the suaveness of the piece prompts once determination to examine the effortless motion picture that has remained dynamic ever since. I would encourage every art lover to try this experiment, directly observe the triumph of Bacchus and ponder on its significance. I am certain many will only get as far as wrapping up that it is an art work depicting the strength of the Bacchus. Some, particularly art enthusiast may conclude that Nicolas Poussin painting mirrors the strength of the Bacchus army. The best way to ponder true hidden meaning of an art such as this, one ought to try shift eyes focus; stay away from looking at it directly. Examining the painting entails frequently shifting your focus from one image to the other this way, you will never come to one conclusive interpretation.

The artist needed to have been bolder in his expressions. He ought to have used elements such as color and line to create a favorable tone. After a rear examination of the painting; you will notice that the outline seems to be squarely shaped while in reality, the height is much wider compared to its width thus shifting your attention to space and symmetrical balance. Relatively, the sureness of the piece prompts once determination to examine the effortless motion picture that has remained dynamic ever since. The nature of the oil pant that Picasso used was strong, but the artist needed to have laced it other non oil paints to improve on the tone of the portrait.

Nicolas Poussin remains as one of the most fundamental art piece in the 16th century. As a painter residing in Paris, Nicolas Poussin saw the need to discover a new artistic language of communicating through the new millennium. At that time, the world was swiftly revolutionizing while artists were still attached to prior methods of surrealism art. Incidentally, technological changes were becoming the order of the day with each operation mechanized. Furthermore, physicist Albert Einstein and philosophers F.H Bradley were altering the perspective of studying reality. Isaacs Newton's ideas on free space were soon deteriorating, since all associations were becoming plural. Ever since the eighteenth century, the rebirth aspect was being re examined by artists in terms of space and atmospheric concepts. In this case a preset viewer examined space from cubes where by depth was created by rendering forms in different sizes creating retreated horizon. As for Picasso, the idea of submitting space was illogical since a fixed observer is never present. In his opinion she ought to frequently move her eyes from one object to the other interpreting each from various opinions. The triumph of Bacchus portrays a piece of compromise, a better way to showcase the strength of the Bacchus military and the time when the strength of the army was highly values in Europe and the entire world.

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