Recycling is one of the best methods to positively influence our planet. In fact, environment protection is one of the top10 global urgent problems. Recycling is crucial to both people and planet environment. People have to act quickly as the general quantity of waste they dispose is significantly increasing. Recycling as a way to preserve natural habitat is very important due to the fact that waste negatively affects the environment, water, air, and soil in particular. Even a small contribution to recycling movement and to various projects helps to protect our environment and results in the way our society ultimately shapes the future of our nation and the Earth.

The issue of recycling has become a significant part of the daily routine for me. I understand that I help to lower the drain on the limited resources of our planet. Moreover, it helps to minimize the presence of waste materials in our communities. I recycle the products made of glass, paper, and plastics as they can be reused to create new ones. Thus, I do everything possible to avoid situations when waste is dumped to a landfill. My family supports me as everybody understands the importance of recycling. Therefore, my family decided to embrace a more environmentally-oriented lifestyle. It has obviously taken a big effort to make the whole family committed to recycling. After all, it is just easier store the waste in one big garbage can rather than divide it into different sections.

Recycling is becoming compulsive in a number of communities and environmentally-oriented families who try to do everything they can for the environment whether it is a regulation of local authorities or not. In fact, it would be practically impossible to recycle waste without the support and the involvement of other family members. Recycling became a very significant issue for my family as it brings a number of benefits. First, recycling helps to save the limited resources. As a matter of fact, if aluminum cans and other waste products are not recycled, they emit numerous gases into the atmosphere. Second, recycling is power efficient. It is widely known that it takes much more power to produce a new aluminum can than it does to recycle at least 20 aluminum cans. Third, my family saves money from recycling. When you take your recyclable waste to a recycling collection point, you are paid for what you bring and can save money for a bigger purchase or even a special fund for a family vacation. Fourth, recycling helps to unite the community members. Actually, almost in all communities, there is a mounting concern for the protection of environment and recycling as such. In fact, people try to participate in various recycling projects and free recycle organizations in order to advance the recycling trend. Therefore, recycling brings people together as environmental consciousness is something they have in common.

Finally, recycling is Earth-friendly. It might be considered that landfills are safe. However, there is still a high probability that hazardous chemical substances will be released from the hard waste which is deposited in these landfills and will be absorbed by soil, air, and water. Some people believe that incineration or combustion of solid waste is potent and power-generating, but the price for such action is the continuously increasing air pollution. Consequently, my family decided to pursue the rule of three R's: reuse, reduce, and recycle. With the time, we have decided to expand the rule added one more item to the rule - to buy recycled products.

A strong commitment to the environment is of great value for my family. Recycling is one of the best ways a family can make a real difference in its community and the environment of our planet. Recycling for each of us is a matter of choice. Therefore, it has become a way of life for me and my family.