Storing things under the deck is the best way to make use of space that most of the time lies idle in most organizations and homes. The first thing we did as a team was to examine the amount of space available under the deck. After measuring the space available, we decided that the space was enough to store items that were not too sensitive. The space underneath the deck needed to be built so that it is secure enough to store Texas Customs Patio products. Texas Customs Patio is a company that specializes in the custom made projects for the home. Among some of the projects that Texas Customs Patio specializes in are patio covers, decks, extensions to houses and fireplaces.

Innovation Type

The multifunctional storage space underneath the deck will consist of several large drawers that you can slide out under the deck. The drawers will be a storage space. It will have a cooler for beverages and possibly a radio or other desirable items. This will create more storage space for Texas Customs Patio products. Storing products under the deck is a brilliant idea that many have not considered before. It is a great storage idea that will make use of space that would otherwise not have been of much use (King 27).

The deck will most probably have clearance underneath and products will be stored in little bins. It will be important, however, to invest in containers for these products so that they are perfectly safe from any contamination. These containers will help to keep the rain out in case the space underneath the deck is not completely water proof. The gate can be installed near the door to the deck to ensure that everything inside the storage is completely safe and also looks attractive even from the outside.

Innovation concept

Benefits for the user

Multifunctional storage space underneath the deck provides extra storage space for Texas Customs Patio products. Glass doors will be used to open the deck; they can either be sliding doors or swing doors. These glass doors will allow the users to see the contents of the deck even without opening the doors. The team decided that the sliding doors would probably be the best because they create the impression of one room that was large and continuous. The amount of storage space underneath the deck will depend on the size of deck. The team decided that it was necessary to put a roof on the deck. This roof can be made of metal, canopy or be an extension of the roof of the main house. This will bring more benefits as the deck then can be lovable in all seasons. A roof overhead will also make it more human as it will feel like another room in the building and workers will feel safe going in and out of the deck. This will also create security for the products that will be stored inside the deck. The door then can be locked and only authorized persons allowed inside (King 41).

Deck Bench

The team also discussed the option of having a deck bench in the storage space underneath the deck in order to store Texas Customs Patio products. A deck bench has two benefits it can give to the organization. The first benefit is that it acts as a storage area for products. The second advantage that a deck has is that it is functional. The bench can be used as the storage area for these products, especially if only a few items need to be stored. The deck bench can be unobtrusive and matche easily with the rest of the d├ęcor in the room. The only limitation to the deck bench idea is that it can store only a number of items. It will also come in handy should the Texas Customs Patio require more storage space. The bench can also be very useful if it is made water tight and therefore safe.

Deck Drawers

Deck drawers provide very practical solution for Texas Customs Patio products. These drawers can be made to slide from underneath the deck. Anything perishable should not however be stored in this area. The drawers will not take too much room in the house because they can be drawn in and out of the space underneath the deck. Deck drawers are important for keeping things dry. Measures must be taken to ensure that the rain water is kept away from the storage area. The team decided that corrugated iron sheets or heavy duty plastics would be placed on the rafters to ensure that rain did not affect the items that were stored underneath the deck. Kits that are manufactured specifically for deck drawers are also available and can be used to keep items dry.

Even though the deck itself is of much use to the home owner, it can still be used for storage of any clutter that may have otherwise been left lying around. Supplies for the garden, the pool or the deck can all be stored underneath the deck. Depending on the amount of storage space needed by the property owner, the storage beneath the deck can be made deeper, wider or longer. The top will be sloped to allow the water to run off each time it rains. This will ensure that water is not stored up on top of the deck that may result in the wood rotting or the material store getting wet.

Deck Rails

The railing on the deck will also be used as storage for equipment. Secure hooks will be built on the sides of the deck and can be used to hang tools that can be used in the garden. When the deck is built underneath the pool, these hooks on the rails can be used to hang towels, shirts, bathing suits or anything else that is needed at the pool. These hooks should be made of metal that is strong enough to hold and made of stainless steel to avoid rust. A long bench can be placed or built along the inside of the deck storage space. This bench can be used for sitting and storage, too. This bench should be made in such a way that it opens to provide space for storing things. Pillows or cushions can be used to make this bench comfortable.


The corners in the storage space underneath the deck are good places for keeping equipment. Items can be stored in the upright position in these corners. Most corners in such places are left idle and nothing is placed in them yet they can be perfect storage areas. They are especially useful for those tools that are not used regularly. Care should be taken not to place heavy equipment on the top of not so heavy ones. You should ensure that there is still enough room for movement even after all the space has been used up. The aim is to avoid all the clutter. Chemicals that are not often used can be stored in these corners as well. Care should be taken to ensure that they are all well labelled and dangerous chemicals are kept out of the reach of the young ones. These chemicals should also be well covered to avoid accidents that may occur due to exposure of dangerous chemicals. Space under the deck is perfect for storing equipment that is bulky and would be impossible to lift up the stairs or to store inside the main house. Equipment such as the pool vacuum, the heater or the pump are some of the equipment that can be stored conveniently in the space underneath the deck.

Intended Market and Competition

Storage space underneath the deck is built for consumers who are looking for space to store equipment without building a new house or extending the main house. It is especially attractive for consumers with limited space and resources, who need to store the bulky equipment in their homes without spending too much money. Texas Customs Patio will have innovated storage space for its customers without asking them to spend more that they would be able to. This new invention will keep them ahead of the pack and take their customer service to a whole new level. Storing equipment under the deck is relatively new concept that if adopted would revolutionize the way equipment is stored within the home.


When more room for storage is required, whether it is inside or underneath the deck, it can be created quite easily. The most important thing is to ensure that it is not cluttered, no matter how much needs to be stored. This concept of storage space beneath the deck is the one that is set to increase the market share of Texas Customs Patio. In the implementation of this innovation, challenges may be faced along the way, but at the end of the day it is an innovation that will change the way consumers approach the storage issues and their preference for Texas Customs Patio as the company of choice.