Some of the key sociological concepts are; social structure which is the ordered model of social relationships and social institutions that make up the society, social change meaning the change in society over time, social institutions which is described as the organized and instituted systems of social conduct for a particular well defined purpose and social interactions which constitutes the behavior between people that leads people to react towards one another. According to Parsons, the cultural system, personality system and the social system are the three components of action systems and they are interrelated through their unique coordinative function in the course of action. (Parsons, 1951).

The bearing of deviant behavior is actually characterized by the  opportunity for withdrawal. This arises when a social system does not motivate its actors accordingly in order to act within the parameters of the social system “positively in the full%uFB01lment of expectations and negatively in abstention from too much disruptive, i.e., deviant, behavior.” (Parsons, 2005). In the absence of the lowest needed amount of order or the presence of extraneous demand on people, deviance is inevitable. Thus, the relationship between the prerequisite of adequate  motivation is such that the needs of the individual actors within a social system must be compatible with the conditions of the social system. Prerequisite motivation is two pronged with both the negative or positive aspects influencing deviance.  If the parameters of the social system shifts too much in any given direction, there will arise consequences which are bound to lead to deviance,  “behavior which is either positively disruptive or involves withdrawal from functionally important activities.” (Parsons, 2005)