Writing The Expository Essay

Writing expository essays need not be difficult. Many students are "thrown off" by the term "expository." However, it is advisable just to keep in mind that the point of the expository essay is to explain something. One may be putting forth an opinion backed by facts, may be explaining an idea, concept or theory or may be providing an in-depth definition for his/her reader. The range of topics for these types of essay assignments is broad indeed.

If you are looking for some help, here are a few essay writing guidelines:

  1. Your topic must be of a breadth and depth to fit the length requirements given to you;
  2. You point of view, definition, explanation etc. must be backed by sufficient factual data - research is almost always required, even for a brief length;
  3. You need a strong thesis statement and a focus - to compare, to persuade, to define, etc.;
  4. Your information must be logically organized - use an outline to guide your writing.

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