Writing The Informal Essay

The word "inform" is used generally to mean to tell or to explain. The informative essay, then, is to tell or explain something to the reader. It can be formal, as in an informative term paper, in which proper English is required, along with references to sources of the information that is being provided. The informal essay, however, is one in which less formal English may be used, and in which formal references of sources may not be required. For example, students may be asked to explain a process for completing a task or to provide information on a topic in which they have personal knowledge or understanding. If a student is heavily involved with horse training, for instance, s/he may prepare an informal essay on how one "breaks" a horse to a saddle and bridle. The student has personal knowledge that the reader may not have, and the goal is to provide this information in an engaging way. Language may be informal, and that is perfectly appropriate for this type of essay.

We are here providing some writing tips for the informative essay, and this may provide the essay help that you need, as you look for a topic and the method for developing the essay.

  1. The topic must be something about which you have solid knowledge and in which you have an interest;
  2. Make sure that you write as if your reader has no knowledge of the top;
  3. You will need to be certain that you have covered all of the important details in an organized fashion. Preparing an outline or another type of graphic organizer will help you to see that you have provided enough detail;
  4. Do not writer your introduction until the entire essay is finished. You want to be creative and engaging from the onset.

Another type of writing assignment, usually given to secondary school students is the informal letter essay. Students will be asked to write a letter to a friend, a peer, or someone in a position to resolve an issue. For example, if there is a dangerous intersection, a student might compose a letter to a city councilman, providing information about accidents that have occurred and suggesting that a stoplight be installed.

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