The Narrative Essay - Telling Your Story!

Everyone loves a good story. Unfortunately, everyone is not necessarily so good at telling a story, especially when they have to do it in written form! The narrative essay is always a favorite for English instructors, but it may also be used in other coursework when a story may relate to the specific class. Narrative essay writing always involves telling a tale and it may be fictional or non-fiction dependent upon the specific topic. An instructor may ask students to relate their most embarrassing experience, or their most horrifying one. Lengthier written narrative essay writing may be autobiographical in nature or, in a literature or journalism class may be a fictional short story.

A good narrative essay will engage the reader immediately and keep them interested until the end. This will require lots of creativity, lots of sentence length variety, and a certain "way with words." Often this type of essay has aspects of a narrative descriptive essay, for the reader's senses must be activated in order to retain engagement. If students do not have a lot of experience with this type of essay, or if they prefer more factual, informational essays, these can be difficult to write. Sometimes, reading the narrative essay examples of well-known writers can help, but there comes a point at which the student must put "pen to paper" and writer his/her own.

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