The Many Purposes For Writing A Personal Essay

Most students think of a personal essay as simply an autobiographical piece of writing that an instructor assigns in order to give students practice in essay writing and to learn about a student on a more personal level. Certain, in junior high school, this may be the case. At the secondary and college levels, however, there are many types of personal essay writing that are not simply autobiographical. Rather, they focus on certain aspects of one's life, of one's experiences, and of one's belief systems and values. While no research is required for a personal essay, it will be very important for the writer to stick to the specific topic and focus and to devise a strong thesis statement that will address the assigned topic specifically.

Personal narrative essays usually ask one to take a specific event or experience in his/her life and to describe it. Use of figurative language and good writing style will engage the reader and make this essay interesting to read.

The personal reflection essay may ask the student to describe and explain his/her response or reaction to an event or a circumstance. How do you feel about the actions of Edward Snowden in releasing classified documents about NSA intelligence gathering? What is your response to a movie or television documentary you were assigned to view? Your responses will reveal a great deal about your values and beliefs.

A personal essay will also be required when applying for college admissions or scholarship awards. Here, you will be given a prompt and will be asked to prepare an essay that focuses succinctly on that prompt, and careful reflection will be required before setting out to write this piece!

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