Writing A Persuasive Essay

Students are often unsure about how to write a persuasive essay because like all people, they have strong opinions but have not logically thought about the arguments in favor of their positions. When asked to write an argumentative persuasive essay, then, they must stop and realize that they must do far more than state their opinion and give broad general reasons for it. To convince the reader to the same persuasion, there must be sufficient factual data to support any opinion a writer of a persuasive essay may have.

Here are a few persuasive essay tips:

  1. Select a topic about which you have strong feeling. This will impact your message;
  2. Do the research! Find experts who believe as you do and use their data to press your point (be sure to cite them correctly!);
  3. Read some good persuasive essay examples to gain an understanding of how your argument should be developed;
  4. State your position in your introduction, and use your specific arguments in descending order of importance;
  5. Get some help from a custom essay writing service, if you are struggling with your topic or development.

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