Writing A Process Essay

Students who struggle with a process essay assignment are usually unclear about what a process essay is and therefore do not know how to write a process essay. Hopefully, we can clear this up for you.

Go back to your early civics or government class. Remember when you had to learn how a bill becomes a law in the U.S.? That procedure that you memorized was a process! It is sequential and chronological. First the bill must be introduced in one house of Congress, reviewed and amended in committee, then passed by that House and sent on to the other house, where the same process occurs. Once it has passed both houses it goes to the President for signature. That's the process! And if you were to write an essay describing this procedure, it would be a process essay!

The process essay is a common assignment when instructors want to be certain that students understand the sequential nature of an event, a procedure, or a phenomenon. How does a fetus develop? How is a marketing strategy developed? There is a step-by-step, sequential explanation for these things, and essays of this nature describe this step-by-step process.

Studying a good process essay example may help a student to better understand how to organize such a piece of writing. Translating that to an assigned topic, however, may be a challenge. To be exceptional, the process essay must be highly structured, but it also must be engagingly written, so that the reader's interest is maintained. The biggest issues with process essays are structure and creativity of presentation!

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