Writing The Research Proposal

By the time a Master's or Ph.D. candidate is ready to write his/her research proposal, the general topic area has already been defined and approved by an advisor. The point of the research proposal is to refine the topic into a scholarly research question that is worthy of study, that will contribute to the field of knowledge in some way, and to prepare academically-worthy statement of and justification for the research to be conducted. Students may only be tasked with writing a research proposal one or two times in their academic careers, and they may not initially know what a research proposal is, but they will soon learn that they had better become skilled in this aspect of their culminating project, for without it, they cannot move forward with a thesis or dissertation.

The research proposal paper cannot begin without some initial research. Usually, the student has a general awareness of the question/hypothesis that s/he intends to pursue, but writing research proposal involves a strong section that summarizes the research that others have done in this area. This research should then inform the focus of the work that the student intends to pursue. In a Ph.D. research proposal, in particular, the proposed new research must be justified by the fact that it will contribute in a significant way to the research that has gone before. This is called the justification portion of the proposal.

A methodology research proposal may be a part of both the Master's and Ph. D. research proposals, for the advisor or committee will want to have a general idea of how the student intends to answer the research question or prove the hypothesis. A business research proposal, for example, may suggest the methods by which a specific management theory will be tested for effectiveness.

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