Jun 20, 2018

The Effectiveness of TEACCH in Communication with Children with Autism

The current investigation deals with the profound study, in-depth analysis, and constructive discussion of the phenomenon of TEACCH approach in terms of treatment of autism and especially in terms of its impact on communication with and interaction among children with the aforementioned disease. This approach is considered to be quite efficient, modern, and promising in terms of autism treatment.

Jun 22, 2018

Effective Team Leadership

None of the projects can prosper without prior knowledge on how the problems of the adjacent society will be solved by the proposed project. The effects that projects are likely to bring to the society enable people to develop perceptions, which affect the acceptance of the project within the society. The success of the project is determined by the stakeholders’ perceptions. Therefore, communication plan is crucial in every project implementation. Communication plan facilitates exchange of information between all stakeholders in the process of project development (Ferguson, 1999).