About Us

We specialize in writing different types of academic papers. You can order essays, term papers, research papers, lab reports, dissertations, theses, and other pieces of writing from us. When using our writing services, you can get papers written at any academic level such as high school, college, university, MA, and PhD.

Price Quote

If you want to purchase an academic work from us, you can place an order on the respective page of our website. However, if you desire to find out the price for your project prior to placing your order, you can ask our support team for a price quote. Provide the assignment details, and our support agents will calculate the sum of money will need to pay for your piece of writing. Bear in mind that you can ask our support agents for help in case any issues with order placement arise.


If you have any questions about our service or your order(s), feel free to contact our support representatives anytime, as they work around the clock. In order to get answers to your questions, you can use any of the offered communication channels, i.e. live chat, phone number, or email.

We care for your privacy and never share your personal information with the writers or any third party. All data is kept strictly confidential. Please do not disclose your personal details to the writers directly. All sensitive information is to be provided via Support. You bare full responsibility for the consequences of breaking Terms of our services.

Deadlines and Delivery Policy

The deadline options we offer range from 3 hours to 2 months. When placing your order, you can choose the one which you consider the most suitable for your type of assignment. All papers are delivered on time! If you desire to get your academic paper earlier, its cost will be recalculated and you will be supposed to place an additional order.

Ordering Process

Ordering papers from us is very easy. The entire procedure takes a few steps only:

  1. Fill in the order form. Provide explicit instructions as to how to complete your assignment. Indicate a topic, deadline, number of pages, subject, academic level, and other important details. Remember that it is essential to give us all guidelines for your assignment when placing your order. Still, if your paper is in progress and you want to provide additional material, you can do it when no more than 10-15% of the deadline has passed.
  2. Make a payment. Once the payment is received, the writer will start working on your order immediately.
  3. Communicate with the writer. Note that you can communicate with the expert assigned to your order during the writing process.
  4. Download your paper. Once the deadline expires, you can download your work from your online account. At your request, your order can be delivered to the email which you have indicated in the order form. If you want to make sure that your piece of writing is original, you can ask us to send you a free plagiarism report alongside your order.

How to Submit a Refund Application?

  1. A client has a chance to get a refund in the period of 14 days right after the termination of the order deadline. Money returns related to the issues of plagiarism have no time constraints. Therefore, if any problems arise, a customer is supposed to send a valid plagiarism report that will show the parts of the essay plagiarized by the writer.

If in the essay, the table of contents, direct quotes, and some parts of questions/assignment, and works cited page are properly formatted, then those cannot be considered as plagiarized.

  1. If a customer ordered to finish the paper that he/she already started writing, Writology Limited bears no responsibility for any plagiarized content that could be found in the part provided. The paragraphs of the essay that were written by the company’s professional writers will be checked for original content.
  2. If the customer is not satisfied with the order in some way, our Refund Department will start investigating the case and provide a report. If after the investigation, the claims of the customer are justified, we will provide a full or a partial refund. Just within three-four business days, a customer will get a response.

Revision requests

  1. Customers can claim a free revision from Writology Limited within 48 hours (two days) after the deadline is over. After this time period, a compensation order can be placed. Writology Limited will provide no further refunds. In case the writer fails to revise the paper free of charge, no money return transactions can be provided.
  2. For the papers that have more than twenty pages, customers can claim a revision free of charge within 30 days after the deadline has expired.
  3. If, for some reasons, a customer has changed the initial instruction, then the free revision cannot be applied to. If such a situation occurs when a customer provides some valuable order materials after the essay was already written (or during the course of writing), company’s agents will ask the customer to place an additional order.
  4. If a customer asks for a free revision option, he/she has to set another deadline and provide clear revision comments. There are some instances when due to the order’s complexity and the writer’s inability to complete it, the order should be reassigned; it may take up to 24 hours to make the necessary changes in the paper.
  5. It is the responsibility of customers to check their personal email and profile on company’s website for possible messages from the administration or the essay writer. Regrettably, there are many instances when customers forgot to attach important materials related to the order at the very beginning when the order was just placed. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the most important details, when placing the order.
  6. For clients, there is the "Extended Revision" option, which costs just 30% of the price order. This option allows extending a timeframe when a customer can ask for a free revision, which is from 48 hours to 14 days. Nevertheless, a revision request has to comply with original instructions. It is important to remember that if a client has no need for revision requests, the additional fee for "Extended Revision" will not be reimbursed.

100% Refund

  1. A customer can get a full refund if, for some reason, he/she was double charged for the order or placed the same order twice by mistake. In such a case, this person should contact the Support Team and immediately cancel the made order.
  2. A customer can get a full refund if Writology Limited did not manage to assign a writer to the order.
  3. If a company decided on a full refund, a customer can no longer use paper or any materials that he/she received from Writology Limited.
  4. While our company will make every effort to provide quality custom written paper, we do not guarantee any grades because all professors judge the content of papers differently. However, a customer is recommended to send a professor’s feedback to the Refund Department. If writer failed to meet some customer's instructions, a partial/full refund will be provided.
  5. When a refund application is submitted, the order will be analyzed for compliance with the initial instructions. Please note, a customer cannot ask to refund a part of the order and submit a revision request to correct the paper part.

Partial Refund Reimbursement

  1. A customer has the right to ask for a partial refund if, when ordering the paper, wrong page numbers were indicated. Writology Limited will reimburse a part of the price paid for the order, depending on the word count specifications.
  2. If a customer made the wrong choice of the writing level (e.g. high school instead of university), the Refund Department will decrease the amount of refund percentage.
  3. If a customer uploaded some instructions, which are contradicting to the initial ones, the percentage of refund will be calculated once again (e.g. materials oppose to the customer’s messages or “Order Description”).
  4. Cancelling the order with an assigned writer:
Refund percentage Passed deadline (approximately)
100% 10-19% of the deadline
90% 20-29% of initial deadline passed
80% 30-39% of the deadline
70% 40-49% of the deadline
60% 50-59% of the deadline
50% 60%+ of the deadline

*The order cannot be canceled if 30% of the initial deadline is left and a writer was already assigned to. In addition, when a writer has uploaded a finished paper, the order cannot be cancelled.

All tips are non-refundable.

  1. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

    Late Order Verification

    1. If the late order has to be verified (in case a client forgot to reply to Financial Department’s questions in order to confirm her/ himself to avoid any instances of fraudulent activities), the order’s deadline starts from the minute when Writology Limited gets the necessary clarifications. The client’s responsibility is either to extend the time for order completion because of late verification or make an additional order to pay for the writer’s extra work.

    Issues with Word Count

    1. The number of pages is not counted visually, but based on the number of words written (300 words/ 1 page). Nevertheless, in technical kind of orders, where a lot of calculations are required, the rule of word count is not applied to. The Writing Department will compute the price for the order depending on the instructions and their complexity.
    2. PowerPoint Presentations. The speaker notes service should be additionally paid by a customer. If a customer needs notes to the ordered PPT, he/she should indicate it when placing his/her order. We can provide approximately 100-150 words of speaker notes per slide.
    3. Online tests are being calculated based on the number of questions (five questions per one page). This rule is also applied to “multiple choice” questions. For instance, a customer has to place a three-page order, if the task has 15 questions.

    Deadline and Delivery

    1. If a customer wants to receive his/her order earlier, this service should be compensated. When a customer has the expectation to receive the paper earlier, the price for the order should be calculated again, as well as our agents should request the customer to pay for additional order. In case a writer does not disagree to deliver the paper earlier than he/she was supposed to, without any compensation payments, in future, no refund is possible for such an order.
    2. If an essay was delivered late, a partial money reimbursement can be issued. The difference in payment will be recalculated based on the company's pricing policies.

    Type of the Order

    1. When creating an order, a customer has to choose the essay type (e.g. “Essay” or “Online Test”). If a mistake occurred when choosing the type of the assignment, a refund cannot be issued, if Writology Limited did not get paid for the requested services.
    2. Such orders as “rewritings” help a customer to get a paraphrased and reworded paper. Sometimes, a client asks to make some changes in the reference list (the number of sources), additional research, additional pages, writing new sections in the paper, etc. In these cases, a customer should place a compensation order.
    3. We suggest and encourage our clients to be in touch with the Support Team, check email for possible messages from a writer or agents. Do not forget to revise a personal profile if some personal changes occur (phone number, email address, etc.). We do appreciate when our clients communicate with us in time.