Jun 7, 2018

Marketing Strategies of Levi Strauss

Before the mid-2000s, Levi Strauss was sticking to the marketing strategy that can be called one-size-fits-all approach. Due to the lack of understanding the differences between markets and the importance of those differences, the company's market mix was standardized. Products, as well as advertising messages, did not differ around the world.

Jun 26, 2018

Apple Inc after Steve Jobs

SWOT ANALYSIS FOR APPLE INC. Strengths Apple is a worldwide famous company, whose brand and products are known everywhere. Company’s customer loyalty is very high. Moreover, now it is combined with closed ecosystem that is expanding. “First, Apple now has a full range of apps, software and products that are interlinked and support each other. Second, new products and supplements will be released soon (iTV), hence expanding the ecosystem” (SWOT analysis of Apple).