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Topics for Argumentative Essays

The key to a good argumentative essay is choosing a topic that you find interesting and have some knowledge about. But how should you go about this? Well, you need to consider a topic that is salient to the audience so that they will be engaged. Obviously you must pick an issue of contention. Everybody knows that elephants are grey or that it snows in Alaska. So choosing a topic that is obvious will not do you any good. You should also make sure the issue is current. Nobody is going to care about a paper that argues that men should wear bowler hats in public. Argumentative essay writing should stand out as unique and it should speak to the audience in relevant ways and contribute to intelligent discourse.

Examples for Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is Facebook ruining society?
  • Should more be done to protect girls from the negative body images that modeling projects?
  • Should the tax code be changed?
  • Should automobiles that use gas be entirely replaced by electrical cars?
  • Should recycling be a requirement?
  • Video games are the most significant cause of violence today
  • School should be taught year round.
  • Is gun control effective?
  • Should animals be used as lab experiments for cosmetics?
  • Is complementing a co-worker on their clothes a form of sexual harassment?
  • Does God really exist?
  • Should abortion remain legal?
  • Are bans on texting while driving effective?
  • Is the death penalty cruel punishment?
  • Should students be forced to wear uniforms?
  • What factor leads most to a longer life?
  • Is globalization good for poor countries?